Medical Equipment Workflow Management System

The software developed for medical device service providers to be a tool for asset control and workflow management.

The standard system installation contains the following three main modules:

  • Equipment Inventory Module
    The Medical Equipment Workflow Management System makes inventory management more efficient. This module controls the equipment master list, which includes site and location details. Users can monitor equipment history and maintenance records and can track equipment by asset number, serial number, and make/model information.
  • Preventative Maintenance Module
    The EWMS enables generation of preventive maintenance records based on the type of equipment and manufacturers recommended PPM procedures. The system users are able to create, track, complete and close PM records depend on their level of access. Completed records can be emailed to the customer or converted to PDF for further analysis. 
  • Corrective Maintenance/Repair Module
    The system allows the creation of corrective maintenance records based on call outs. The corrective maintenance records contain request information, equipment inventory details and a description of the work that was carried out. Completed repair records can be sent by email, printed or exported to PDF. 

Other optional modules available include:

  • Parts Management Module - integrated into the Preventative and Corrective Maintenance sections. Based on monitoring parts usage during service procedures, the module accumulates this information and makes it usable for other areas and departments (Accounts, Parts Stores, etc);
  • Customer Relationship Management - allows designated users to have ‘read’ access to their sites records.
  • Service Contract Management Module.
  • Performance Reporting Module.
  • Dispatch and Logistics Module.
  • Account Management Module.


The system has the following features and benefits:

Electronic Document Workflow - reduces the paper-based documentation and the time & costs associated with managing it.

Work Records Management - establishes clear procedures for the tracking of medical equipment, the recording of data and allows control of the standard service processes and inventory records.

Remote Access provides a 24/7 monitoring and reporting facility.

Dynamic Web Application - can be set up as a new project or can be fully integrated into the existing website or server.

Configurability and Customisation - MedEMS solutions provide out-of-the-box functionality based on industry standards and best practice. However, the standard system workflows are configurable as per existing client’s processes, demands and policies.

Modular structure – system integrates easily with other modules for creating a closed loop quality system.

Simple Software Interface - easy for all user levels.

Mobile App - supported by all browsers and allows the user full system functionality with the added benefit of working outside of the workshop (Using WiFi or 3G mobile devices [e.g. SmartPhones, Tablets, etc]).

Electronic Preventative Maintenance Checklists can be developed according to the medical equipment manufacturer’s protocols and recommendations.

• The system provides controls over standard Medical Equipment Management data including Unique Device Identification (UDI) * 

*EU Ongoing Implementation Project, GS1


Benefits to Field Engineers:

  • Simple intuitive interface
  • Quick and easy to navigate
  • Record time and work done anywhere, anytime
  • Higher efficiency

Benefits for Managers:

  • Customised to company policies, industry standards and individual needs
  • Eliminates paper-based records
  • Real time analysis and support
  • Ability to export to CSV format, Microsoft Excel or to PDF
  • Data is fully secure


The Demo version and Video tutorials of the Medical Equipment Workflow Management System are availible on the request



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